How to configure Catchall Email

Google Apps: Email Catchall Configuration

Color by Fardos - Google Chrome Extension

Pick colors from websites, save colors & gradients, get matching shades and tints and create beautiful gradients. ✅ Color pick and save multiple colors from any site (using zoom technology) Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + e ✅ Save your favorite colors and gradients, click any color and it's HEX is saved to your clipboard ✅ Find shades, tints, complementary and other color combinations for any color ✅ Sync your colors between multiple Chrome Browsers ✅ Create linear or radial gradients with unlimited stops ✅ Browse hundreds of beautiful gradients, edit, save and copy it's CSS whenever you need it ✅ Get color palettes from any gradient you create Download for Free!

Install Google Drive File Stream on PC

This video will show how to install Drive File Stream for Windows PCs. From Google Drive clicking the settings gear will get you to this Google Help Centre Article: - At - Click Download for Windows On your computer, open: DriveFileStream.exe on Windows, likely in your Downloads Folder or bottom left corner of Chrome - follow on screen instructions during installation. Requires Windows 7 or Higher If you want to compare Google Drive File Stream with the Google Backup and Sync Utility check out this video Got a Mac?

Google Calendar and Odoo Configuration #002

In this small video we show you how to reset the password to your Google calander and Odoo9 modules as noted below (Recorded with

Workflow ~ Create Google Drive Folder

As we are now onboarding a new client we need to create a Google drive folder so we can all share the clients information. By shareing only to the clients specific email address alows a higher level of confidentiality. WE DO NOT SHARE THIS FOLDER ANYWHERE OTHER THAN OUR CLIENTS PREFFERED EMAIL ADDRESS

How to Make a Flow Chart with Google Drive

Instructions on how to make a flow chart using google drive.

Google Docs - Create a Table of Contents with Page Numbers or Links

Learn how to create a table of contents with page numbers or links. The formatting is driven by the formatting of your document as described in the video. Per the pinned comment below, Document outline has been moved to the View tab.

Module Completion and Trainers


Anthony Gardiner

Anthony Gardiner is the creator & founder of SME Business Support. A man of fast paced action his video training sessions are quiet often fast paced for his team and specific community member requests to be answered before our amazing Liz adds her twist of quality and consistency across all of our traing modules.

Lara Sionil

Meet Lara, Lara has been Anthonys amazing supporter for some 7 plus years and has come to understand Odoo as a user in an amazing way. Lara works with Anthony and Liz to fast track our community member training videos.

Liz Actub

Meet Liz, Liz is our video trainer, she helps Lara and Anthony perfect our video training and tutorials so we deliver you the best and most informative information possible.