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There are many amazingly capable systems online in this day and age, however, rarely do you come across a system that can simply continue to evolve as you and your business do.

This amazing all-in-one sales, marketing & management system has been designed and simplified to help you be highly efficient and profitable within your very own business.

This amazing system whilst online... remains YOURS... it's not just another "thing online" It's YOUR ultimate business management system.

   Simplify Your Business Life With SAM

SAM Works Virtually For Free, No Sick Days, No Complaints, No Compensation Plans,
And For UNDER One Dollar Per Hour You'd Be Mad Not To Want To Automate Almost Anything

SAM... The Smart Automated Manager... Set her up once and enjoy doing the higher value activities you want to do.

SAM... Smart Automated Marketing... Imagine leads just falling from the sky... whilst you slept!... And have SAM do all the follow-ups and scheduling your next days activities... ALL whilst enjoy a good nights sleep! 

SAM's Your Smart Automated Management, Set her in motion and watch her go as she helps you and your community members grow,

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  Scale Up Your Business Easier

Big Businesses Continue to Grow On The Back Of Powerful Systems That Continue To Grow With Them.

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Do It Right The First Time

Following a business strategy will allow you to plan ahead, measure your success and identify important areas for improvement. But how do you build your business strategy when you don’t even know where to start? Watch on as we discuss the step by step process to guide you on how to create a successful business strategy for your business.

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Surround Yourself With Super Smart People

As your business expands, so does your workload. How can you keep up with the increasing demand while maintaining productivity and growth at the same time? We have identified these gaps and have designed a smart solution. Keep on watching so you will be able to replicate our success as well.

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Scaling Up Your Business Success

Generating sales is the lifeline of a business. Even when you have the right systems and strategies, if you are not converting leads into revenues, all your efforts will go down the drain. This FREE masterclass will guide you on how you can start your marketing campaigns and automate them as well.

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Your Ultimate Business Management Platform

Once you have created a strategy that will work for your business, you will need the right systems in place to implement those strategies, enhance its performance, and ensure work harmony within your organization. Let us show you how you can recreate an all-in-one solution for all your needs.

   30 Million Plus Users Can't Be Wrong

Odoo Management Systems, Simplified With SAM & SME Business Support

Your Business Built Your Way

We wanted a system that worked both for us and with us, our business grew so do our demands, our expectations and ultimately we want to start working with the right systems and support team that allow us to all evolve together.

Starting with an all in one management system, or an ERP system using bigger business language allows us to save time and frustration knowing that everything has been DESIGNED to work together. 

The SME Team simply packaged it differently to Odoo and actively contributes to the global movement of Odoo online.

If you're looking for not just a business system, yet an amazingly powerful cost-effective support team...

Look no further than ... Your business being powered by Odoo, SAM & The SME Business Support Team

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